About our fees

Water Lane Cottage fees

We are able to offer low cost counselling from £15.00 (proof of low income required for this rate) and £25.00 (no proof required).

Counselling at these rates is provided by trainee and/or newly qualified therapists working towards accreditation and/or post-graduate degree. An initial detailed assessment is carried out by one of our practice managers with a view to refer you to an appropriate counsellor.

Our fees pay for our continuing professional development, supervision of our professional practice (a mandatory requirement) and our registration/membership fees with the organisations mentioned above.

All our trainee counsellors work within the guidelines, code of ethics and professional standards set by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Sessions are usually held weekly and last for 50 minutes. The dates and times of these sessions can be negotiated with your counsellor.

Please contact the centre on 01279 899112 to arrange an appointment.


Please feel free to contact us: enquiries@waterlanecottage.co.uk